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"EasySnap Sachet".

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EasySnap Sachet – The worlds simplest and most innovative monodose sachet

EasySnap Sachet
EasySnap Sachet
EasySnap Sachet



EasyPack Packaging have our own ISO approved packaging facility to pack for some of South Africa’s biggest Brand Names

It’s never been so easy to open a single portion sachet!




Our EasySnap Sachet can replace the existing flexible 3 or 4 side seal sachets and, even the single dose tubes, tubs and bottles from 1 to 20ml.

Due to its unique and patented technology, EasySnap can be opened with only one hand.


EASYPACK SOLUTIONS Srl, a leading packaging machine manufacturer located in Bologna (Italy), has introduced on Italian and European market, a new and innovative monodose sachet from 2 to 20 ml. Years of technology and market research studies have given this new EASYSNAP sachet, a future to enter in all fields of application.

Not only conventional monodose sachets can be replaced, but also bottles, tubs or tubes. This innovative monodose sachet is simple to use with its unique opening system, patented for distribution throughout Europe. Practically, the sachet has a rigid PET or PS on one side and a flexible printed film on the other. The rigid side has a patented variable cut through thickness which allows any sort of liquid to get through the opening, in a controlled manner. No need to tear open the sachet with two hands or to bite it open, with the possibility to spill the inside. The EASYSNAP Sachet is taken with one hand and folded with two fingers.

EasySnap SachetThe folding pressure given creates a breaking of the film in the center of the rigid side film and product flows out progressively in a controlled manner. The more pressure given with two fingers, the more the product flows out completely, with no mess. Also, the EASYSNAP monodose sachet is made with no air inside for excellent shelf life. This sacket has a unique eye catching look and without any doubt it can be easily used as strategic marketing tool to promote any product in the market. The semi-rigid EASYSNAP Sachet allows an easy daily practical use. It can be placed in ladies’ handbag or men’s pocket without any possibility of breaking, since it breaks only if folded.


Looking on sales strategy, EASYSNAP Sachet can be distributed in single pieces or in boxes, since they can be stacked like blisters. Customer buys the box and for his necessities, brings along single units of EASYSNAPS for daily use. The fields of applications are numerous: food industry – pharmaceuticals – cosmetics – chemicals – households, etc. Products handled can be: ketchup, mayonnaise, salad mixes, marmalade's, creams, liqueurs, children care products, moisturizers, hair care products, gel, shampoo, liquid soaps for hotel use, hand cleaners, body cream, sunscreen, liquid detergents, antiseptic cream, personal care cosmetics, advertising dispensers, vending machine companies, etc.



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